Random House Loves the Ballpark Mysteries

I guess Random House loves the Ballpark Mysteries! They hung a huge poster of the front cover of book two, The Pinstripe Ghost, in the front window of their New York City headquarters!

Check out the picture:

Ballpark Mysteries in front window of Random House

Looks like the Ballpark Mysteries are right in between a New York Times “instant best seller” and a set of books that have sold 45 million copies. I guess that means the Ballpark Mysteries are going to sell a gazillion copies. Or be a New York Times bestseller.Either way, I hope that means that Kate and I can keep visiting new ballparks!

First Pitch at Portland Sea Dogs Game

Mr. Kelly (the author of the Ballpark Mysteries) got invited to Portland, Maine to throw out the first pitch at last Saturday’s game. Here’s a picture of him doing it.

Ballpark Mysteries Author David A. Kelly Throwing Out First Pitch

While he’s a pretty good writer, it certainly doesn’t look like any of the Sea Dogs pitching staff have to worry about their jobs. Maybe my Little League team should challenge him to a game. We could use an easy win!

(Kate says I should be nice to Mr. Kelly, or she’ll make me write the next book…. I guess I should also say that Mr. Kelly did make it squarely over the plate, so I guess he’s not that bad!)

(photo credit: Portland Sea Dogs; Greg Cavanaugh)

Boston Globe Features Ballpark Mysteries

Way cool!. Today’s Boston Globe newspaper has a great article about me and Kate!

Well, okay, it also mentions David A. Kelly, the author, a little bit. And the Ballpark Mysteries series. But Kate and I are in there too! And Mr. Kelly wouldn’t really have much to write about if the two of us didn’t go to all those ballparks. I’m glad Mr. Kelly spends his time talking to reporters, instead of us having to do it.

Now that the weather’s getting nice, I’d rather be outside playing catch!

Opening Day – 2011

Wow! Today is finally opening day. The first real baseball games (that count) for 2011. Today, when it comes to baseball, anything is possible. Any team has just as much chance of winning the World Series this year as any other team. At least before the games start!

L.A. Dodgers Dodger Stadium - This won't be empty after opening day!

It’s just like when Kate and I go to visit a ballpark. Anything is possible. So far, we’ve seen bats stolen, ghosts making strange noises, and even some really strange mysterious events (but more about that in book 3 – The Ballpark Mysteries L.A. Dodger!).

I’d love to write more, but I’m heading to the TV to see what opening day game I should watch…. The Yankees? The Red Sox? San Francisco? There’s too much to choose from. Batter up for a great season!

Spring Training – 2011

The author of our Ballpark Mysteries books, Mr. Kelly, just sent me some cool pictures from Spring Training. He got to go down to Florida to see a Red Sox game and a Yankees game, and give away free baseballs (he promised to bring me and Kate one, but I haven’t seen  it yet!) to promote Literacy Day.

Special Ballpark Mysteries Spring Training Baseballs

Ballpark Mysteries Author David A. Kelly at a Yankees Spring Training Game

Ballpark Mysteries Author David A. Kelly at Red Sox Spring Training

(He swears the Red Sox MADE  him wear that shirt. But I don’t believe him. I think he likes the Red Sox!) Mr. Kelly also snapped this cool, close-up picture of the Yankees’ Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees

The Ballpark Mysteries Books Arrive!

Looks like Spring Training has started! Kate and I are excited because Random House is now selling the first two books about our adventures at the ballparks–THE BALLPARK MYSTERIES! I think they look great!

The Ballpark Mysteries from Random House

You would never believe how LONG it takes to get a book published. We went to Boston’s Fenway Park ages ago, but it took forever to finish the books. (I know that the author, Mr. Kelly, is a slow writer like me, but I guess super-duper publishers like Random House take their time in the on-deck circle, if you know what I mean. They like things to be perfect. I’d rather just step up to home plate and swing!)

Anyway, the books are finally here. Now I won’t have to do any work when my teacher asks us to write an essay about my “perfect day”–I can just hand her one of the books!

Yankee Stadium Haunted?

A little while after Kate and I went to Boston to see the Red Sox, her mom took us down to New York City to see the Yankees! I thought that Fenway Park was cool. But Yankee Stadium is really neat! It was great to finally see the place where the Yankees play. They’ve won the World Series so many times, I can’t even count them.

We were in New York for a weekend series. The weekend started off with a press conference. We had to go because Kate’s mom needed to be there for her work. It was boring! I like to play and watch baseball. But I don’t like to sit around talking about it! That’s all they were doing. Until someone mentioned the ghost!

That’s right. People said there was a ghost in Yankee Stadium! Kate and I both started paying attention after that. We found out, with some help from her mom, that people had reported hearing a ghost in the stadium before games. They thought it was the ghost of Babe Ruth. He used to play for the Yankees.

Kate and I decided to find out if there really was a ghost. That’s when things started to get really scary. Things moving on their own. Loud noises. It looked like there were ghosts all around us! It ends up turning out okay, but you’ll have to read the book to find out everything that happened.

Green Monster

We were so excited to go to Boston to see the Red Sox! Kate’s mom had to drive out to report on a game for the AmericanSportz website. So she asked us if we wanted to come. Of course, we said yes! We had to leave early from Cooperstown (it’s about six hours away). We stayed in a hotel. But best of all, we saw the Boston Red Sox. We also met Big D, their star hitter. But that comes later in the story.

We went to Fenway Park (that’s where the Boston Red Sox play) early. Kate’s mom went up to the press box. But Kate and I watched batting practice from Fenway’s Green Monster seats. No, there’s no monster. That’s just the name for the giant, green left field wall at Fenway. Anyway, I almost had my head taken off by one home run. It was so cool!

After batting practice we went up to see Kate’s mom in the press box. But that’s when it happened. We saw security people on the field. And a suspicious bat boy. Someone had stolen Big D’s lucky bat!

Without his luck bat, Big D couldn’t hit a thing. We were really bummed out. It looked like Boston was going to lose the game.

So we decided to do some investigating. And we found a way to get out of a sticky situation. (If you read the book, you’ll know what I mean!). Anyway, I can’t tell you exactly what happens, but at the end of our trip, Kate and I get to do something REALLY cool at Fenway.

What Mike’s Eating Today

Just went to Houston, Texas. I saw a Houston Astros game (cool!) and took a tour of Space Center USA. That’s where they do all the mission control work for the the Space Shuttles, the International Space Station and other rockets.

But the best part of the trip was picking up some of these:

Why bother eating a meal when you can have it compressed into a handy, tube-like form that tastes like peanut butter!

Gotta go play…

— Mike

Rangers Ballpark

Hey guys, I’m still in Houston. I just saw a game in the Rangers Ballpark. It was amazing! Right next to the park is an office building. Imagine working there! You could watch a baseball game when ever you wanted by just looking out the window. The park even has Little League field and a lake next to it! And the best part is you can buy a ticket for only six dollars!

Did you know that it’s a rule in Major League Baseball that a player can’t be paid less the 400,000 dollars? That’s more than the president of the United States makes in a whole year! Well I have to go eat lunch. See you later, and keep swinging!