The Ballpark Mysteries Books Arrive!

Looks like Spring Training has started! Kate and I are excited because Random House is now selling the first two books about our adventures at the ballparks–THE BALLPARK MYSTERIES! I think they look great!

The Ballpark Mysteries from Random House

You would never believe how LONG it takes to get a book published. We went to Boston’s Fenway Park ages ago, but it took forever to finish the books. (I know that the author, Mr. Kelly, is a slow writer like me, but I guess super-duper publishers like Random House take their time in the on-deck circle, if you know what I mean. They like things to be perfect. I’d rather just step up to home plate and swing!)

Anyway, the books are finally here. Now I won’t have to do any work when my teacher asks us to write an essay about my “perfect day”–I can just hand her one of the books!