Mike’s Pine Tar Experiment

Yesterday when I came home from school, there was a baseball game on TV. I sat down and watched for awhile. (I didn’t want to do my math homework.) Anyway, they zoomed in on this guy’s bat before he went up to the plate. Guess what I saw?

There was this black, sticky looking material covering his bat handle. The black, sticky stuff is called pine tar. Pine tar is a material that hitters use so they don’t let go of their bat when they swing (That would be very bad!)I called up Kate and asked her to go to the ball park. I wanted to see if pine tar really worked. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any pine tar. Instead, I decided to use maple syrup!


I poured the whole bottle over my hands. I picked up my bat and got ready to hit. After hitting a few, I tried to let go of the bat. But it wouldn’t come off. It was TOO sticky! I think I’ll just use batting gloves!