Green Monster

We were so excited to go to Boston to see the Red Sox! Kate’s mom had to drive out to report on a game for the AmericanSportz website. So she asked us if we wanted to come. Of course, we said yes! We had to leave early from Cooperstown (it’s about six hours away). We stayed in a hotel. But best of all, we saw the Boston Red Sox. We also met Big D, their star hitter. But that comes later in the story.

We went to Fenway Park (that’s where the Boston Red Sox play) early. Kate’s mom went up to the press box. But Kate and I watched batting practice from Fenway’s Green Monster seats. No, there’s no monster. That’s just the name for the giant, green left field wall at Fenway. Anyway, I almost had my head taken off by one home run. It was so cool!

After batting practice we went up to see Kate’s mom in the press box. But that’s when it happened. We saw security people on the field. And a suspicious bat boy. Someone had stolen Big D’s lucky bat!

Without his luck bat, Big D couldn’t hit a thing. We were really bummed out. It looked like Boston was going to lose the game.

So we decided to do some investigating. And we found a way to get out of a sticky situation. (If you read the book, you’ll know what I mean!). Anyway, I can’t tell you exactly what happens, but at the end of our trip, Kate and I get to do something REALLY cool at Fenway.

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