Ballpark Mysteries on Tour!

Wow, it sure has been hot around here lately. Hard to believe, it was even too hot to play baseball today. So I thought I’d stay inside and catch up on some video games. But my mom had a different idea. She wanted me to catch up on cleaning my room.

It looks like Mr. Kelly isn’t going to have time to clean his room, or play video games. He seems pretty busy with the Ballpark Mysteries events. Today, he was at the Westwind Bookshop in Duxbury, Mass, in between Boston and Cape Cod. He had a crowd for his reading and book signing–see for yourself:

He’s also going on the road with the Ballpark Mysteries. He’s going to New York to give some readings (in New Hartford and Utica), and then he’s come to visit me and Kate!

Well, actually, I think he’s coming to sign books during this year’s National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies. He’ll be in Cooperstown on Sunday morning, signing books with other authors on Main Street. (But I think he’s also excited about seeing us again, too! Kate and I are going to the ceremony. It’s really neat to live here during Hall of Fame events because the town gets so busy with people. Sometimes Kate and I set up a stand and sell water to people. Last year we made a lot of money doing that!)