Ballpark Mysteries and Wally, from the Red Sox!

Well, Kate and I haven’t made it to the Red Sox yet, but we’re getting closer. Or at least the Ballpark Mysteries are! The author, Mr. Kelly, is actually doing a reading from Ballpark Mysteries book 1 – The Fenway Foul-Up with Wally, the mascot from the Red Sox!

Wally, The Green Monster (photo: Boston Red Sox)

It’s happening at the Boston Public Library’s Dorchester branch. It’s so big that that Mayor of Boston is even speaking! (Okay, I think he’s there to talk about the library’s Read Your Way to Fenway program, but maybe he’s a fan of the Ballpark Mysteries too!)

Kate and I are still in school, otherwise we’d go. I mean, Wally’s even in the book! I’d love to get his autograph. But I don’t know if he can hold a pen with those big green hands he has.