Hi! I’m Mike Walsh and this is my website, The Dugout Scoop: The Dirt on Ballpark Mysteries. 

You either know me and Kate or you know the books written about us, Ballpark Mysteries (Random House). Anyway, you like baseball and there is plenty of that here.

You can follow our trips to ballparks on my blog or read more about the books written by author, David A. Kelly about our past ‘ballpark mysteries. Or, you can check out this video of one of the Ballpark Mysteries fans getting the latest Ballpark Mysteries book in the mail–this is how Kate and I feel when we get our copies!


Last, but not least, check out the two newest Ballpark Mysteries books:

In The Tiger Troubles, Kate and Mike are in Detroit to see Tony, the famous Detroit Tigers player. But when they found out that someone’s taken something special of Tony’s, they set out to find the troublemaker.

The Tiger Troubles - Ballpark Mysteries #11

The Tiger Troubles – Ballpark Mysteries #11

In The Rookie Blue Jay, Mike and Kate can’t wait to watch their rookie hero Dusty Martin in action. But something is throwing the Blue Jays’ star off his game. Then, when no one else is looking, Mike sees mysterious ghost lights flying across the field. Is the ballpark haunted? And could Dusty have seen the lights, too?

Book #10 in the Ballpark Mysteries series – The Rookie Blue Jay – Takes place in Toronto, Canada.

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