Hi! I’m Mike Walsh and this is my website, The Dugout Scoop: The Dirt on Ballpark Mysteries. 

You either know me and Kate or you know the books written about us, Ballpark Mysteries (Random House). Anyway, you like baseball and there is plenty of that here.

You can follow our trips to ballparks on my blog or read more about the books written by author, David A. Kelly about our past ‘ballpark mysteries.’

Check out the Ballpark Mysteries Video Trailer, created by one of our biggest fans, Ike from Maine!

Book #8 in the Ballpark Mysteries series is set in Miami, Florida.

Last, but not least, check out the two newest Ballpark Mysteries books – THE MISSING MARLIN and THE PHILLY FAKE.

In the Missing Marlin, Kate and I head to Miami for a Miami Marlins baseball game, but we end up finding something FISHY in the fish tanks behind the Marlins’ home plate!

In the Philly Fake, we are in Philadelphia for a Fourth of July series with the Phillies, but we soon find out that the Liberty Bell isn’t the only thing in Philadelphia that’s cracked!

Ballpark Mysteries #9


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